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Energy-generating ‘smart bricks’ turn ordinary buildings into efficient living machines by Cat DiStasio, 08/01/2016, [more]

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Living Architecture (LIAR) is a modular bioreactor-wall, which is based on the operational principles of microbial fuel [more]

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Vision, prototype, exhibition Venice Brochure for download here (40MB) [more]

flyer download here [more]

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& Reference publications Armstrong R, Hanczyc MM. 2013. Bütschli Dynamic Droplet System. Artificial Life, 19(3-4): [more]


Synthetic Biology Workshop at the CSIC-CIB, Madrid, October 24-25, 2016 [more]

Microbial Fuel Cell Bricks exhibited in Venice as part of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2016 [more]

Project Meeting, Exhibition, Symposium, Press conference 13.-15. October 2016, Venice, Italy [more]

Workshop Build your own Microbial Fuel Cell – Consortium Members met at the University of the West of England, Bristol [more]

Objective >

Living Architecture (LIAR) is a next-generation, selectively-programmable bioreactor. It is envisioned as an integral component of human dwelling, capable of extracting valuable resources from sunlight, waste water and air and in turn, generating oxygen, proteins and biomass through the manipulation of their interactions.


Project Description >

Living Architecture (LIAR) is a modular bioreactor-wall, based on the operational principles of microbial fuel cell technology and synthetic ‘consortia’ of microbes.

Its operational principles are grounded in distributed sensing, decentralised autonomous information processing, high-degree of fault-tolerance and distributed actuation and reconfiguration.


Gallery >

Living Architecture (LIAR) Gallery. [more]

Set-up of Venetian, standard and newly modelled bricks, - Explora labs in Venice, Oct. 2016

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