Living with Adaptive Architecture

Exhibition: 12 May to 17 June at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham

Two “Living Architecture” installation pieces exhibited

Rachel Armstrong & Simone Ferracina (with Gary Caldwell, Ioannis Ieropoulos, Lauren Wallis and Jiseon You), Living Architecture Consortium

Brick-o-Lamp proposes an adaptive and responsive construction unit and luminaire that is powered by the metabolism of microorganisms and combines two types of bioreactors: a microbial fuel cell (MFC) and a photo-bioreactor, as well as a light source.  The prototype constitutes the last in a series that develop living technologies as the basis for a paradigm shift in the choreography and inhabitation of architectural space in the 21st century.

Brick Dialogues
Rachel Armstrong & Rolf Hughes

Brick Dialogues explores spoken exchanges between a living brick and a human. It confronts the negotiations that take place between a ‘living’ elemental module of architectural construction (the brick) and its inhabitants. An audio recording captures ‘dialogues’ between humans and nonhumans through the principles of composting. Then, the human voice is subjected to transformation through its relationship with bacteria and worms, resulting in the ‘speakers’ uttering irreconcilable languages, coexisting and, consequently, tolerating differences. In this way it escapes semantic orthodoxy and comes closer to the micro-transformations of the composting process.


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