Article: Cellular non-linear network model of microbial fuel cell

“Cellular non-linear network model of microbial fuel cell”
Biosystems, Vol. 156–157, June–July 2017, pp. 53-62, DOI 10.1016/j.biosystems.2017.04.003.

Tsompanas M-A, Adamatzky A., Ieropoulos I., Phillips N., Sirakoulis G. Ch., Greenman J.


A cellular non-linear network (CNN) is a uniform regular array of locally connected continuous-state machines, or nodes, which update their states simultaneously in discrete time. A microbial fuel cell (MFC) is an electro-chemical reactor using the metabolism of bacteria to drive an electrical current. In a CNN model of the MFC, each node takes a vector of states which represent geometrical characteristics of the cell, like the electrodes or impermeable borders, and quantify measurable properties like bacterial population, charges produced and hydrogen ions concentrations. The model allows the study of integral reaction of the MFC, including temporal outputs, to spatial disturbances of the bacterial population and supply of nutrients. The model can also be used to evaluate inhomogeneous con gurations of bacterial populations attached on the electrode bio lms.

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