Exhibition at Hancock

Living Bricks Exhibition at the Great North Museum – Hancock

The Experimental Architecture Group, led by Professor Rachel Armstrong, is currently displaying an installation in the Great North Museum: Hancock.
The exhibition, open until 7th May, examines the past, present and future of the most fundamental building block, the humble brick. Through the design and materiality of bricks across a wide range of cultural expressions and aspirations, the group present a portrait of human civilization that imagines how these basic units of construction may also help to articulate values and produce different kinds of living spaces. The exhibition examines the potential to alter relationships with the natural world thus reducing the negative impact humanity is having on its surroundings.
Drawing on scientific and design work conducted as part of the Horizon 2020 Living Architecture (LIAR) project, as well as on the Museum’s own collection, the group have worked with both staff from the GNM and transdisciplinary collaborators to rediscover ancient bricks and discuss how bricks may be used in the near future.