Living Architecture showcased at the Vienna Biennale for Change 2019

Architecture for Better Living
Wed, 29.05.2019–Sun, 06.10.2019
MAK – Museum of Applied Arts

… The focus is on the question of what constitutes “better living”—in particular regarding materiality, ecology, design of atmospheres, participation, hospitality, design of communities, and perspective—and how architecture matters here. All architectural contributions and projects will illustrate space and experience as design tasks and offer more inclusion, more accessibility and more uniqueness, thus leading to a greater connection with and appreciation of architecture. …

Architects and Designers: Civic Architects, ecoLogicStudio, Energy Design Cody, Liquifer Systems Group, mostlikely, MVRDV, Realarchitektur, Space Popular, SPAN (del Campo Manninger), Tzou Lubroth Architekten

Architecture for Better Living - Vienna Biennale for Change 2019
This project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under EU Grant Agreement no. 686585, it brings together experts from the universities of Newcastle, UK; the West of England (UWE Bristol); Trento, Italy; the Spanish National Research Council in Madrid; LIQUIFER Systems Group, Vienna, Austria; and Explora, Venice, Italy.